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^ 2017-04-22 On his farm in Maine, Will Bonsall is devoted to preserving seed diversity. He feels like a 21st Century Noah in a race against time as vegetable varieties continue to decline. Clip from the film SEED: The Untold Story.

^ A little humor.
^ Nothing her about einkorn, but very much related to the ethics and motivation of those who value einkorn.
^ What’s with Wheat documentary does good job of alerting viewers to the dangers of modern wheat. This is the trailer. Watch the full-length documentary for free on Amazon Prime. Caution: There are fake versions on YouTube.

^ The problems with wheat started long before glyphosate. This 1938 video shows a combine before they were gas-powered. The machine was called a “combine” because it combined both harvesting and threshing. You can see the bags of wheat coming out of the combine at the end of the process. This results in a grain that harder to digest because it doesn’t include the proper enzymes. Previous to combines, wheat stalks where stacked in bundles and allowed to set in the field for a week or two before being gathered and threshed to separate the wheat kernels from the chaff. The time in the field and the elements allowed for the maturity of the kernel and stimulated enzymes that made it more digestible.

^ Einkorn gets a special mention at 41:30
Great info and footage about einkorn starting at 4:30
Great summary for those looking to grow and harvest einkorn.

Webinar was recorded on January 8, 2013 with, a team of researchers discuss the so-called ancient grains–einkorn , emmer and spelt–including their origins and attributes, current and potential uses and markets, and what we know so far about how to grow them.
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