Gluten and Re-Educating a Touchy Gut

Gluten and the Gut

Gary has formulated some great products to help with proper digestion. There is Life 5, Detoxzyme, Essentialzyme, and Allerzyme to help with sensitivity issues.

Because some of you have gluten sensitivities, you might say that you don’t dare try it. Well, I can tell you this, I’ve fed it to a lot of gluten sensitive people already, and I have yet to see one person have a single negative reaction to it. I’ve even had some patients with celiac disease eat my einkorn pancakes without a negative reaction.

I’m not suggesting that if you’ve got a serious gluten sensitivity, you just chow down on a box full of einkorn. I suggest that you take one bite and see how your body responds. You’re going to see that there will be some times when you’re going to need to go through some retraining of your body’s responses until it accepts this nutrition. You may have to spend some time rebuilding that intestinal tract by cleansing the liver, cleansing the colon, putting Life 5™ in there to build up that pre- and probiotic activity in the gut lining and making sure that you’re ingesting Detoxzyme™ at night, Essentialzyme™ morning and afternoon, or Allerzyme™, to help build that enzyme storage reserve within your gut so that you can start to live a normal life.

You can have a normal life with normal nutrition, without eliminating key elements that are essential to your well-being. Living with a gluten-free diet is not the answer to a well-balanced and healthy life.

Just remember, einkorn is whole grain, non-GMO, and lower in gluten.

Source: Gary Young Blog, May 21, 2015

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